Visiting the UK as an Expat

Visiting the UK as an Expat

Moving to another country is a big step for anyone and you do of course still have ties back in the UK, like family and friends, sometimes even work, to go back for. Perhaps you just miss a few home comforts that you can’t get wherever you live now. Whatever your reason for visiting the UK, it can be particularly stressful if you don’t plan it properly. Your time is in demand after all, as you are pulled from pillar to post trying to fit in as many visits to friends and family as you can while still trying to enjoy your visit. Take a look at these tips to ensure trips back home go as smoothly as possible:

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• Create a schedule of who you’re seeing and when. Although this sounds rather regimented, it really does help to make sure you fit everything into the short time you have. Perhaps you really want to see a show or a particular sporting event while you’re back in the UK – make sure you fit that into your schedule too.

• Make people come to you. It can seem like you’re tearing yourself in two when you have several people demanding your time all at once. Using your schedule as a guide you can work out what free time you have and where you’ll be with just a glance and instead of rushing around trying to get round to seeing everyone, consider instead getting people to come to visit you. Meet in your hotel or wherever you’re staying, meet at a local cafe, or if you have children the local park or indoor play area. You want to enjoy your visit after all and driving here and there every day will only exhaust you.

• Make a list of everything you need to do to prepare for your trip. Do you need new luggage? Have you checked in and printed your boarding passes? Do you need to book transport to the airport or car parking in advance? Have you booked your cat into a cattery? The list is often endless, so make sure you tick everything off as you go along to make sure you have all eventualities covered.

• On your way back home after your visit why not book into an airport hotel (take a look at some great airport hotels here: It gives you the chance to relax the evening before your flight home and recover from the madness of your trip, before it’s back to reality again once you step off the plane.

• While you’re in the UK you will of course want to take advantage of doing some of the things you miss – watching a film at the cinema without having to deal with subtitles for example or maybe visiting your favourite restaurant, or even stocking up on such delights as English tea, chocolate, biscuits, crisps, sausage rolls and pork pies to take back with you.

Whatever your reason for visiting the UK, make sure you spend a little time doing something just for you – you’ll enjoy it all the more if you do.

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