Premium Membership

We have a national guideline rate of £6 per standard session, however where special events are arranged, the cost may be increased due to our increased rates.

However we have a national Membership scheme that brings additional business start up and growth benefits:


  • Web Hosting Packages include lots of FREE web builder packages including Zen Cart, OScommerce, PHPBB, WordPress and more!…worth £30 per year
  • Premium Tweeting is probably the best way to gain new followers, simply give us some basic information about the followers you want and we’ll do the rest…just sit back and watch your followers follow you… Worth £60 per year
  • Media Alerts will provide you with fabulous opportunities for media coverage in the press, magazines, radio and TV. There are opportunities to get both you and your business coverage. Worth £120 per year.

This are the benefits of Premium Membership for just £80 per year.