South Warwickshire Events

Family Friendly Networking in South Warwickshire

First Monday Meeting at <<venue>>, <<area>>


  • 10.00- 10.45 Registration, Networking, tea and coffee & mini Exhibition
  • 10.45-11.00 Featured member’s 15 minutes of fame
  • 11.00- 12.00 Speaker’s Slot/event/feature activity
  • 12.20- 1pm Informal Networking

Crèche Facilities

Creche name, children’s ages, cost per hour, advance booking details, contact details, cancellations, any additional info provided by creche.

Children are welcome for the networking times but we do ask parents to ensure children are settled 5 minutes before the speaker is due to begin. Babies under 6 months and of course those needing milk feeds will be welcome at meetings.


Future Schedule 

Date: xxxxx
Speaker: xxxx

Speaker Bio: xxxx

Crèche Facilities: